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Kuvat - OuPa - AFC Keltik

12 pics from the OuPa match on 3rd June 2009, in Outokumpu.

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Sami S. in a duel, watched by Saku, Artsi, Jarno, Tero & Pete.

Good cross into the penalty area. Hollywood jumps up, Jarno, Ralf and Saku watch the scene.

Jarno gets a header, backed by Ralf. Sami S. awaits the ball and Hollywood sneaks away on the left.

Missä on pallo? Lauri, Artsi, Sami R., Pete, Tuomo, Kimmo, Heikki & Sami P. are searching.

Toke demands the ball, Heikki, Juha & Kimmo observe the scenery.

Double substitution: Jarno for Kimmo, "Flow" for Juha. Caught in between: Toke.

Close up from Toke. For your locker door. :-)

Goal kick towards the middle. Will Jarno forward the ball to the starting Sami R. or to the waiting Toke?

Waiting for the ball... again. Toke, Jarno and behind Saku, Artsi & Pete. Plus several opponents.

Air duel between Jarno and two guys from OuPa. Nearby: Toke, Pete, Sami P. & Florian. Far away and absolutely not involved in this scene: Tuomo.

Throwin from Florian.

And done.

Kuvat: Florian Schwarz & Ralf Wunderlich