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Kuvat - AFC Keltik vs. FC Nurmes 2010

25 photos from the match Keltik vs. Nurmes, 15.08.2010. I had many more photos, but the zoom of the camera was too strong, therefore you don't see anything on these photos. Just huge grass or a huge shirt and so on. ;-)

(No bigger versions available this time, sorry.)

Pielinen from above.

Noljakka from above.

...more Noljakka.

Jarno before the kick-off.

Artsi against two opponents.

Kimmo and Sami.

Janne with a good goalchance.

Jukka in a running duel.

Riikka in super zoom mode.

The substituion bank: Kuningas, SS, Saku.

Jussi and the Nurmes-leader expect the ball.

Jarno passes to Tero.

And a goal. No chance for the keeper.

Lauri on the run towards the goal.

Crossball from possibly Janne to Tero.

The match as the goalkeeper sees it.

Corner ball by Tero.

  Jussi just hit the foot of his opponent. Ouch.

SS is about to stop the ball with his chest.

5:0 by Janne's head after a Tero assist.

Partying the 5:0.

Tero is preparing for yet another corner kick...

... and here it comes.

One of the very few duels at the keskiviiva.

One for the goalie.

Kuvat: Ralf Wunderlich, 15th August 2010