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Kuvat - Vaasa PS VS. AFC Keltik

22 pictures from our trip to Vaasa. Click the pics for big versions. If you want even bigger versions, contact us.

Starting at 6 am in Joensuu, our breakfast stop was in Keitele.

The lake behind the rest stop at Keitele.

Tired players after a quick breakfast break.

Preparing the second part of the ride until the next stop.

Kannonkoski, second stop. I think it was somewhere behind Jyväskylä.

Moving the legs a little bit after a long car ride.

View from Kannonkoski rest stop.

The players preparing to enter the football ground in Vaasa.

Preparing for kick-off.

A high ball towards the Keltik goal.

The linesman watches Ralf passing the ball to Kimmo.

Lauri, Kimmo and Saku fight for the ball.

The kuningas and Saku await the ball, but it doesn't come.

Jarno and kuningas surrounded by enemies. ;-)

Jani and Lauri cover the referee. ;-)

Lot of action going on in this scene.

Artsi and Saku in a 2-on-1 situation.

Cross ball towards the VPS-goal.

Saku alone in enemy territory.

Janne catches the ball, the players can move forward again.

The kuningas running towards one of the few Keltik chances.

Another scene of high class football extravaganza. ;-)

Kuvat: Jukka Toikkanen ja Ralf Wunderlich, 16.06.2012