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International news: Welcoming new players

AFC Keltik happily announces the first new players for the upcoming season 2016:

From ToU we got the brothers Antti-Eemeli and Ville-Pekka Seppälä, two experienced, robust and motivated players who can play in midfield and defense.

From Jippo we got goalkeeper Cristian Pandelescu who we are proud to have in our small club. Just watching his terrific goalkeeping skills is a blessing in itself. So come and watch with your own eyes next season, dear fans! :-)

Sami Saarinen has already trained with us last season, but will now also be an official part of our players squad.

We are also negotiating with some other young prospects in order to add some youthful spirit to our slowly aging squad. ;-)

We are very excited to have these players aboard and we will keep on building our squad for the next season. Our goal is to play some "kaunis jalkapallo" to prove the town that Viitonen is a fine place for playing - and watching - football.