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International news: Friendly futsal match, part 2

On Monday, 14.12., the futsal re-match Ylämyllyn Yllätys B-juniors vs. AFC Keltik took place.

After an excellent first game three weeks ago which Keltik won 6:3, Yllätys was well prepared this time. To their tactical play, they added more physical power and caused our not coordinated, underperforming team big problems.

After 60 minutes, Yllätys won with a deserved 7-6 (scoring two goals within the last 30 seconds of the game). As last time, an additional 10 minutes bonus time was agreed. During that time, Keltik suddenly woke up and scored 4 goals, leading to a final score of 7-10. However, to acknowledge the good performance of the junior team, we will consider this game a 7-6 loss after regular time. Congratulations to Yllätys. Well played.

Keltik's conclusion: We will from now on allow only 8 or 12 field players. Nothing in between. Yllätys showed us how it is done: 3 lines, always substituting after max. 2 minutes. That is futsal. Not staying 5 minutes on the field while not being able to run anymore after 40 seconds. ;-)

Keltik played with:


Janne, Ville-Pekka, Antti-Eemeli, Arto, Juhani, Jukka

Sami, Jani, Hannu, Oskari, Seldi

Goalscorers: Sami (2 or 3), Oskari, Seldi, Arto, Jani??? I'm not sure, I couldn't write them down, sorry