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International news: Futsal league day 1

On Saturday, 16th January, AFC Keltik had the first official games in 2016: round 1 of the Itä-Suomen Futsal League. Click on the link to read how it went.

Well, it didn't went overly good. Only 9 players were willing to buy their license in time and of those 9 only 8 were able to drive to Pieksämäki where we had two games scheduled.

Game 1:

Our first opponent in 2016 was Tou/sininen. They were a very strong team, playing fast futsal with obviously trained futsal tactics. However, despite zero warmup time for us, we managed to play an equal game which saw plenty of chances on both sides.

Our lineup:

Ralf (mv)
Janne - Antti-Eemeli (Ville-Pekka)
Seldi - Oskari (Sami, Artsi)

The first few minutes went by without much happening. Then ToU scored two goals within only few seconds and a minute later added a third goal. After the 0-3, we woke up and created a couple of huge goal opportunities, but we missed even the best chances.

Eventually, we scored the deserved 1-3, but ToU immediately countered us for the 1-4. We kept on pushing and scored the 2-4. After that we had enough chances for a 4-4, but again, we were not able to get the ball past the goalline. 3 seconds before the end, we got the final 2-5.

After that game, we had a one hour break and watched LehPa/2 (playing with one line from the first and one line from the second team) and afterwards Riverball/2 with out previous goalkeeper Mervan in their lineup.


1-3 Oskari (Janne)
2-4 Ville-Pekka (Oskari)

Game 2:

Our opponent SuPa started against us with an "old men"-lineup. That turned out to be a super mean tactic trick by them. Because with their slow and uncoordinated start, they lurked us out. We immediately attacked and created chances. Eventually, we stood very offensively. Then they brought their second line full of young, fit players.

Within one minute, they scored three goals after three one-versus-keeper situations. Afterwards they slowed down the pace and the game became equal again. Unfortunately, after Ralf was pushed down in mid-air and therefore missed a high ball, the referees didn't consider it a foul. The score was now 0-4 after only 5 minutes. The rest of the game was a farce, probably the worst game of the day. Could have ended 5-10, but ended 1-6 instead. That was quite a led-down for us.


1-5 Oskari (Artsi)

After that game, we took a shower, drove back, had a surprisingly good lunch at ABC Varkaus [free commercial for ABC] and plotted our plan to surprise everyone next time. ;-)

For now, we are last of the league. That is good, because it means that we cannot get lower next time. :p This is the situation: