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International news: Friendly futsal match, part 3

The futsal matches between Ylämyllyn Yllätys youngsters and AFC Keltik oldies quickly became a legend in the Pohjois Karjala area. The third match this winter happened on Monday, 25.1.

At half-time (30 minutes), Keltik led 2-0. That sounds like a proper game. Then - the chronicler was not present and no eye-witness dared to speak about that darkest moment in the history of futsal in the sports hall of Ylämylly - something bad must have happened, because after 60 minutes, the score was 8-8. That sounds like terrible defending. I'm shivering just thinking about it.

An extra-time was due. After that, the score was 9-9. So another extra-time had to be added. Result: 10-10. Since the teams couldn't continue until midnight, the third extra-time was played in sudden-death mode.

YlY eventually won with 11-10. Congratulations! See you next time?