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International news: Futsal league day 2

It's done: Keltik has won their first game in 2016. Phew!

On Saturday, 13.02.2016, Day 2 of the Itä-Suomen futsal piirisarja took place in Kuopio's Ylä-Pyörön koulu. AFC Keltik had slight problems getting a team together and it was only because of Cekdar Ciray, who decided to come back to us from Riverball, and Sami Suhonen, who offered to play as a goalkeeper despite his knee injury, that we had substitute players available.

The Heroic 7 of today:


Ville-Pekka, Antti-Eemeli, Ralf

Janne, Arto, Cekdar

Parts of our team arrived only 10 minutes before the first game, so our warmup was not optimal. And neither was the game. We did horrible rookie mistakes and lost 2-8 against ToU/Valkoinen. Cekdar scored both goals for us after assists from Janne and Antti-Eemeli. Worse than the result was that Sami's knee injury caused him to leave the field after only 10 minutes. He had to follow our games as a fan from now on. All the best to you!

After the game, we had a tactical meeting and re-adjusted our team's behaviour on the field. The second game against LiPa actually looked much better, but the naked result is a nightmare: 1-10. Goal again by Cekdar, I think.

We didn't want to be the laughable team, so we promised Sami an epic fight in the third game against SaPa. Nobody would have bet on us, but what shall I say: Suddenly our team tactics kicked in, we moved in sync and it worked like a charm. We won 3-2 and it was an exciting game with us defending hard, but at the same time delivering some nice attacks to the front. I don't recall the goalscorers, but Sami made a video of our 2-1. Have a look here:

I try to get hold of the original video and post it properly here. That said, our previous video hoster went bankrupt, so most of our video and photo pages here on our website don't show anything. I am working on fixing that. But it takes time.

Anyway, this goal looked quite nice. Needless to say, we were very happy about this victory and the previous two losses were forgotten quickly. It was nice to see what a difference it makes if the whole team acts as one instead of 5 players playing randomly. ;-)

The third (and last) futsal day will be on 5.3. in Joensuu's Areena. We will play derbys against Riverball/2, LehPa and JuPy. We expect nothing, but hope for the best. ;-) Tervetuloa!