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A Statement of Positivity and Respect

At AFC Keltik, we value sportsmanship, respect, peace and quiet.

We position ourselves against any sort of crime, hate, racism, intolerance, violence and any other kind of useless negativity.

We stand for equality for all people. Therefore we made a decision: As a sign of respect and appreciation towards women in general and Joensuu's wonderful womens football club FC Hertta in particular, AFC Keltik will play the season 2016 with new white socks that show the Hertta-logo on them.

We already used them in our last futsal tournament a few days ago as you can see on the above picture.

The new season starts in a few weeks. We wish all participating teams a positive, friendly and successful* season. We will be also supporting FC Hertta during their homegames, as we already did last year. Go leidit!

*Except for games against Keltik.

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