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International news: Futsal league day 3

AFC Keltik more or less successfully finished the Itä-Suomen Futsal league yesterday. We definitely haven't lost our smiles about the results:

Top row left to right: Ville-Pekka, Toke, Jesse, Artsi, Seldi, Janne
Front row left to right: Ralle, Cekdar, Saku

Day 3 of the futsal league happened in Joensuu's Areena on Saturday, 5th March. Keltik had three last games, two of them being derbies.

The first game was played against Riverball/2. Our opponent had a little help from Riverball/1 who had a game just before our tournament. We practised our new tactics for the football season and tried to remain in formation at all times. It looked quite well for our second try ever, however, Riverball had too many skilled futsal players in their team, so they eventually overpowered us and won 5-1.  Our goalscorer was Cekdar after an an assist from Toke, who had played his first futsal game this season.

The second game was played against LehPa. It was a very close and even fight. We missed too many good goal scoring opportunities and eventually lost 1-2 with two unlucky goals and our goal coming too late in the game. I unfortunately do not recall the scorer and assist. Someone please message me the info, thanks.

The very last game of our 2015/16 futsal season was played against JuPy. They had a very strong team with players from different higher division teams, for example one of my favourite opponents in Finland, Esa-Pekka Vartiainen. When it is no. 12 vs. no. 12 epicness is on the rise. ;-) In this case, his epicness was much more epic than mine though. He scored at least 3 goals, I only scored one. Wait, what? One? Yes, dear readers, it is true. I scored the first official futsal goal of my life after a great assist by Ville-Pekka. It was the 1-3 and there was a short moment of hope. It didn't last long. The final score was 1-11. Oopsie. However, I think we played quite well nonetheless, even if this might be hard to believe. It was meant as a training for our tactical changes and of course it takes some time until it works well. Plus, JuPy really played excellent and they finished on second position:

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