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Pallopuntarin 8. kevätturnaus 2016

On 9th April 2016, AFC Keltik won the 8th Kevätturnaus from Joensuu's referees organisation Pallopuntari. Have a look at our re-cap of the tournament in this report.

The happy winners. It's not often that we win something, so let us have some fun. ;-)

The tournament was divided into two groups. Group A played in Lehmo, group B in Mehtimäki. One game lasted 45 minutes.

Group A featured the teams LehPa/3 from Lehmo, FC Pogosta from Ilomantsi, Fc Nurmes, Raiku from Rautavaara and Veterok from Russia.

Group B featured the teams JoPS yj, AFC Keltik, JuPS from Juuka and NiemU from Rääkkylä.

Raiku won group A, followed by Veterok on second position.

In group B, JoPS yj and Keltik had the opening game at 9 in the morning. Keltik's lineup was:

Cristian - Marko (Jukka), Ralf, Janne, Ville - Sami (Mervan), Jesse, Anousack (Antti), Arto (Risto) - Miikka (Cekdar), Eriseld (Roope). Mervan got injured throughout the tournament and got replaced by Bhabishya who was still at work during the first two games.

JoPS didn't have a good start: They only played with 9 players, most of them arrived just shortly before the game. An unfortunate own goal pathed Keltik's way to victory after only a few minutes. Roope and someone whom I don't remember scored two more goals, leading to a 3-0 final score.

A scene from the game JoPS yj vs. AFC Keltik (0-3) including the legendary view-blocking fail of a light installation in Mehtimäki ;-)

One hour later, we faced JuPS who had just lost against NiemU. It was a tenacious game without goals, 0-0 final score.

After that game we had a bit of a break which people used for various activies like going home or checking out the running event in the Areena. The games that happened in the meantime led to the situation that Keltik would be first of the group if they would at least draw in the last game of the group.

Just like last Saturday, our opponent was NiemU. This time, the game wasn't as tight. We won with 2-0. Ville with a fantastic direct free kick and Cekdar scored our goals.

Now we had to wait for the results from group B. And we also had another long break of almost 3 hours. Eventually, everyone found their way back to Mehtimäki and we played the semi-final against Veterok. They were a team of old school guys, playing rough and tough and with a strong pressing. They were the only team able to score a goal against us. Nonetheless, we had the stronger attacking force and scored 3 goals at the right times. I wished I could tell you our scorers, but I'm getting old and don't recall the scorers. My guess is 2 x Cekdar, 1 x Miikka. ;-)

In the final, we faced Raiku. We have played against them before in Nelonen 2013 and we had no chance. But now that we made it to the final, we of course wanted to win that cup. So we gave our best and despite pain everywhere and tiredness, we managed to secure our goal once more and scoring two counter attack goals at the beginning and the end of the game. Cekdar and Miikka scored. Or who? Raiku filmed the game. Here is hoping they will send us a copy of the disc. Pretty please with sugar on top. :-)

At AFC Keltik, we don't win something very often. We won the Pallopuntari cup in 2012 and the bronze medal of Viitonen in 2010. And that's it. Now we could add a third prize to our list. The smiling faces are real.

What do a Romanian, an Albanian, a German and a French do in Mehtimäki? Having fun.

Thanks to Pallopuntari for organising this tournament. Everything went smoothly and the kioski served delicious makkaraa and sandwiches. We are looking forward to next year's tournament.

P. S. Guys, if you have more pictures, please forward them to me. It seems I only have those 3 presented here.