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Winter news

We know that our fans (all 4 of them) are keen to know what's going on in the Keltik-world at the moment. Sad truth: nothing much. Almost all of our Areena-grassfield-trainings have been canceled due to music events and other happenings. On average, we train once per month. Futsal happens more often, but 21:45-22:45 is a time not possible for some of our hard working players.

On a positive note though, we managed to play two big grassfield-matches in Areena which went quite well:

On 6th January, we invited the newly formed football team of Kiteen Urheilijat for a friendly game. The final score was 1-1 (0-1). After months without football, we had a very slow start in the game. In the second half, we dominated, but only scored one goal (Ceko?).

On 2th February, we got a very nice and surprising invite from JoPS edustusjoukkue (Kolmonen-division) to play a friendly game against them. Again, a very bad start saw us behind with 0-2 after a few minutes, but then we found our formation and apart from one bouncing-ball goal (45.), we managed to keep our penalty area free from danger. Second half was actually 0-0. Not bad. Our attacking side was non-existing though. Thanks to JoPS for the invite. We appreciate it.


Keltik also participated in the Itä-Suomen futsal league. It was a pretty sad view this time. Two divisions with only few teams. Only two match days with a disappointing total of only five games. Honestly, the football winter break lasts at least 5 months. How is it not possible to organise an actual futsal league system? Give us some love, SPL!

On 14th January, we played two games in Kuopio:

Pupa - Keltik 3-1 (goal: ?)
Tou/sininen - Keltik 1-0

Not bad results, if you consider that we had troubles finding enough players for this tournament.

On 5th February we played three games in Polvijärvi:

Keltik - PoPS-78 1-1 (last minute-goal: Antti-Eemeli)
Keltik - Raiku 0-4
Keltik - Zulimanit 5-2 (goals:: Arafat (2), Antti-Eemeli, Than and Tri-Pham (?))

It was nice to finish the winter season with a victory against a team from Nelonen. Now we focus on the new summer season. With the next training coming on... whenever there are no concerts or parties anymore in Areena. ;-)